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Current Project:

Northern Philippines: Church building and ministry training center


Because we are excited about investing in individuals who are already proven faithful and producing much fruit, in the northern Philippines there is a pastor who was one of my Dad’s original Bible School Students 30 years ago. He is now overseeing 52 churches.  They have already purchased property and they are believing God to provide funds for a cement building that will serve as their local church, as well as a place to hold their Bible School and Missions Training Center.  They are already raising up leaders from the mountains to go to their people, and to other nations of the world.  We were able to give them a seed offering that they are using to prepare the land, pull permits, and begin foundations.


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Philippines: Food Relief

There is a phrase that keeps being repeated to us by Pastors in the Philippines.  It is “no work – no eat members”. They have been explaining to us that segments of their congregation are basically daily laborers.  When the quarantines and lockdowns went into effect that meant they were not able to earn money for food.  The…


Bangladesh Relief: North and South

 In northern Bangladesh there is the Home of Peace that normally houses and provides an education for approximately 500 orphan and at-risk children from around the country.  Because of the rapid shut down of busses and transportation for the Covid pandemic, 250 of these children were not able to make it home before the lockdown and…

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